Champion of Psykoria Book #3 – The Daemon Capital (Paperback)


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“Following his recent victories, Prince Snarmis is now among Psykoria’s mightiest warriors, but is haunted by his deeds from a past battle. After fighting daemons for so long, the prince has developed an aversion to fighting his own kin. Then, men and women serving Argolax—the Daemon Archbishop—emerge from within the cities, butchering people in the daemon’s name.

Knowing of Snarmis’s problem, King Breetor forbids his son from aiding in the upcoming battles. But the king himself is still traumatised by what the Daemon Archbishop did to their home. He too is forbidden from riding out. With doubts and fears resurfacing, Snarmis’s progress in proving himself has been undone, but fate has something else in store for the prince. Snarmis soon finds himself within Algatar—the Daemon Capital—and learns that there is a much deeper meaning behind the enemy’s deeds. If Psykoria’s heroes cannot end the unrest among their own people, the daemons will destroy them all.

With its greatest champions in such a state, can Psykoria defeat this new threat?”

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