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Note: We all drew our own avatars.

S.F. Claymore

Born and raised in the UK, I have a technology-based education, but my passion has always been in creating stories, worlds, characters, and doing anything that allows me to use my imagination.

I’ve had the privilege of being able to travel many parts of the world in such a small number of years, learning of different cultures and histories. Everywhere I go, I’m always absorbing new knowledge, and when one has so many ideas bursting in their mind, there is no greater joy than allowing them to materialise.


Everything related to Blade or Flame — Writer

The Artists

Ken Cyclone

A student of architecture living in the Philippines, with ambitions to one day work in Europe. Often studies different types of drawing styles to better his own, developing incredible skills for someone his age.


The War of the Night – Arc 2: Before Sundown — Inker / Correction Artist

The War of the Night – Arc 1: The Great Taelon Laskar — Correction Artist


Rex Stark

A student of Visual Arts and Design at Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines. Aspires to be a teacher in the same field.


The War of the Night: Arc 3 – Wolf Cults — Artist


S.T. Vicentius

An independent contractor living in the Philippines, who studied architecture in university, where he got the best thesis award. Learned to speak English at a young age by watching cartoons in both English and his native language.


The Dragons’ Will — Cover Illustrator

The War of the Night – Arc 1: The Great Taelon Laskar — Artist

The War of the Night – Arc 2: Before Sundown — Artist