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About The Book

There is unrest among the nobility in Psykoria. Determined to end it, King Breetor sails out to eliminate the noble causing the most trouble. However, a ferocious storm drags him into uncharted seas.

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Stranded on an island filled with beasts of legend, Breetor must find a way home not just to escape this dangerous place, but return to his beloved. He fears for her safety, knowing that without its king, Psykoria would be in chaos. His ship has been destroyed. After the rest of his crew fall to the island’s predators, his only way home might be to find the land’s most dangerous beasts: the dragons.

But it was a dragon which destroyed his vessel and his shipmates. If they don’t want outsiders coming to their land, would they help Breetor find a way home, or kill him like they did his crew?

I love the magical system, all the creatures, the history, it was well thought out and brilliantly set up.

Anie - diaryofawannabewriter

What an adventure!

Sleepygirl2 - bound4escape

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