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From bronze to steel…

The time had come to cast away the old bronze armour which had protected me from so many stray blades and arrows in the battles past. The smith’s hammer met an even stronger metal, forging a new suit–one far stronger. When all was done, I left the forge clad from head to toe in steel. I think to the scars I’d sustained in battles past, and how my old armour hadn’t been able to stop them. But this… such blows would’ve been child’s play to such fine steel. I couldn’t wait to test it out in tomorrow’s siege.

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In other news…

The Complete Edition for “The War of the Night: Arc 2 – Wolf Cults” has just been released. Check it out here.

Containing all four issues of Arc 2 in a single book, the usual cover art showcase is also included, as well as some bonus content discussing an alternate outcome to one of the scenes from Issue 3.