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About the Game

Challenge your skills and reflexes in this action-packed retro platformer. Use your water magic to shoot, stomp and stab your way through vampire enemies hell-bent on your destruction. Unleash your mightiest attack – the devastating Tidal Wave – to wipe out any foe who draws near.

You are Tomas Silikus – a water mage – but your temple was attacked by werewolves. Tom defeated the werewolves, but was bitten and infected. The next night, Tom became a werewolf himself, but he was special – a werewolf who could still use his water magic even when transformed. For this reason, the Great Wolf – master of all werewolves – favours him. But Tom yearns to be free of this curse. Will he remain an eternal slave to the Great Wolf, or will YOU help him regain freedom once and for all?

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– RETRO STYLE PLATFORMING: Relive the platforming style of the classics of old, available on your handheld device.

– STRAIGHT-FORWARD CONTROLS: Move, jump and shoot are all you need, just like the good old days.

– SAVE AND CONTINUE ANYWHERE: Play one level now, and the next later. Tidal Wave Tom has a “Continue” function which allows you to continue on the last level you were on, with the same amount of lives and the same score as you left off with.

– UNIQUE BOSS FIGHTS: Bosses appear every five levels. Each one is vastly different from the last. Fight your way through them all.

– SIMPLE TO PLAY IN ANY LOCATION: Are you always on the move, without stable internet? No problem. Internet is not needed to play Tidal Wave Tom, and you can sit down and play it anywhere.

– NOT TAXING ON YOUR DEVICE’S BATTERY: Do you find that your device’s battery drains very quickly when playing games? No problem. Tidal Wave Tom drains very little of your device’s battery compared to other games.

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