The Dragons’ Will


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Darkus Ryder is the Overlord of Slyke, a position tasked with enforcing justice throughout the realm. However, the presence of a mystic order of mage-priests and priestesses garners unwanted attention from dragons. If Darkus cannot stop this threat, then all of Slyke will burn.

After toppling an empire and its cruel slave-trade, the first Overlord of Slyke has retired, but a new successor has risen in his place. He is Darkus Ryder—young and inexperienced, but very deadly. Supporters of the imperial-rule still cause trouble in Slyke, but Darkus has made it his quest to hunt them.

Dragons come to Slyke and Darkus is faced with a threat beyond his imagination. Many have already fallen, but the beasts turn their attention upon one another. If their rampage isn’t stopped, Slyke will be at their mercy.

If Darkus fails, who else could possibly stop the dragons?

The Dragons’ Will is an epic tale with undertones of equality that will give readers much to think about.

Get The Dragons’ Will now and witness the birth of a legend.


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