Dark Skies — Complete Edition


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Contains all four issues in one book.

The Psykorian army draws closer to the coast between Atan and Ramanar—where the Vampire Lord’s castle resides. However, upon stopping at a ruin, they come under attack during daylight by dhampir—half human, half vampire hybrids, not as strong as a full vampire, but lacking their vulnerability to sunlight.

While the army, led by Archmage Taelon Laskar, battle these dhampir, the exiled trio of Gallas Berrhar, Ignis the Immolator and Eva the Untouchable, follow from afar, determined to ensure the Psykorians’ success despite Taelon’s command for them to leave. From their vantage points, they spot things the army does not, for little do the Psykorians know that the dhampir are just a distraction, and that a worse terror awaits them in the night…


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