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If you like action-filled magic battles, then this is the right type of fantasy for you.

Trey S.

“Psykoria’s war against the daemons rages on. Jrak Swadoh—King Breetor’s mystic messenger—must investigate the truth behind a battalion’s swift destruction. Deeply trusted by the king, Jrak’s life of continuous success has given him a deep fear of what might happen if he fails. He wishes to become the greatest mage of his generation, and the greatest mage cannot fail, not even once. But Jrak doesn’t realise that a more personal threat is creeping towards him like a shadow.

One act of treachery was all it took to turn Jrak’s life upside down. Not only must he face his betrayer, but his fears, his trauma, and a prophecy that’s been stalking his dreams since childhood. He finds himself uniquely positioned to stop the enemy’s mad scheme, but if he cannot regain himself in time to stop it, then all of Psykoria will fall.”