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The Great Taelon Laskar – Issue 2

Issue 2 now available! Download: The Great Taelon Laskar PART 2  

The Dragons’ Will

Decades have passed since the fall of the dreaded Slykan Empire. Slyke is a new land free of slavery. The first Overlord of Slyke has retired, but a new successor has risen in his place. He is young and inexperienced, but very deadly. Read more…

The Great Taelon Laskar – Issue 1

Taelon Laskar is a prodigy in Psykoria’s Temples of Wizardry. He boasts psychic powers unlike any ever seen. But he is never content – he believes men can ascend far beyond what others deem their limits. Read more…

Champion of Psykoria Book 1: Champion’s Rising

Prince Snarmis is a giant of a man, one of the strongest in the kingdom of Psykoria. But although he towers above his peers, Snarmis’ skill at fighting fails to impress his father, whose approval he seeks. His close friend Celtor, leader of a mysterious and hermetic group of forest-dwellers, advises him to seek help from werewolves. Read more…