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Champion’s Rising Paperback

Once an order is placed, an invoice with the total price will be sent to the email provided. At this stage, customers can make any queries or changes regarding their order until payment is made.

Printing Days Pricing Table
Economy Express Supersonic
US (US Dollar) $14.99 $15.99 $16.99
UK (British Pound) £10.99 £11.99 £12.99
EU (Euro) €12.99 €13.49 €14.99
CA (Canadian Dollar)* $21.49 $22.49 $24.49
MX (Mexican Peso)* $264.99 $279.99 $309.99
AU (Australian Dollar) $21.49 $22.99 $25.99
PH (Philippine Peso)* P800.00 P850.00 P920.00

* All countries marked, as well as those not in this listing, will be printed and shipped from the UK.

** Orders made to countries not in this listing will be charged the UK price. If an order to an alternate country is placed, the invoice will state the total price. Postage prices will vary depending on location.

    Order Paperback