The War of the Night – Arc 1: Before Sundown — Issue #5

“Taelon gets his hands on Katara, and an old enemy appears.

The Atanians take the fight to the enemy!

And finally, Taelon addresses Gallas, Ignis and Eva, about the presence of his three apprentices.”

Download PDF (3mb): Before Sundown – Issue 5

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NOTE: You’ll notice that the preview page for Issue 6 doesn’t include a release date. While the art is prepared, I am unable to travel out and collect the images due to the global pandemic. However, if I’m able to collect them within the next month, I still plan to release Issue 6 on April 20, but didn’t want to make the promise in case the situation doesn’t improve.

Stay safe, everyone.

UPDATE 18/05/2020: Preview page for Issue 6 has been updated. A release date has been declared.

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