The Great Taelon Laskar – Complete Edition

The entire story as it was meant to be told…

All four issues back-to-back, followed by a cover art showcase.

“Taelon Laskar is a prodigy in Psykoria’s Temples of Wizardry. He boasts psychic powers unlike any ever seen. But he is never content – he believes men can ascend far beyond what others deem their limits.

What Taelon doesn’t know is that Psykoria has been infiltrated by an inhuman enemy that’s already oppressed a foreign kingdom. Will Taelon and the other wizards be ready for this new foe?”

Download PDF (8mb): The Great Taelon Laskar – Complete Edition

Download Epub (55mb): The Great Taelon Laskar – Complete Edition

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UPDATE 12/08/2018 – File has been re-uploaded. Image of Issue #3’s cover in the initial upload was an incomplete draft. This is now corrected.

UPDATE 05/12/2018 – Fixed an issue with one of the speech bubbles on Page 5. File size is slightly smaller, and added Wattpad link.


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