The Great Taelon Laskar – Complete Edition

The Great Taelon Laskar - Complete Edition

The entire story as it was meant to be told…

All four issues back-to-back, followed by a cover art showcase.

“Taelon Laskar is a prodigy in Psykoria’s Temples of Wizardry. He boasts psychic powers unlike any ever seen. But he is never content – he believes men can ascend far beyond what others deem their limits.

What Taelon doesn’t know is that Psykoria has been infiltrated by an inhuman enemy that’s already oppressed a foreign kingdom. Will Taelon and the other wizards be ready for this new foe?”

Download PDF (8mb): The Great Taelon Laskar – Complete Edition

Download Epub (13.6mb): The Great Taelon Laskar – Complete Edition

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UPDATE 12/08/2018 – File has been re-uploaded. Image of Issue #3’s cover in the initial upload was an incomplete draft. This is now corrected.

UPDATE 05/12/2018 – Fixed an issue with one of the speech bubbles on Page 5. File size is slightly smaller, and added Wattpad link.

UPDATE 29/05/2020 – Uploaded a new version of the Epub. Greatly reduced the filesize, from 55mb to 12mb.

UPDATE 08/Nov/2020 – New onomatopoeia for elemental sounds, Taelon’s rivals added to last panel of Page 15, and new images of Ignis on Page 54 (credit: Ken Cyclone)

1 thought on “The Great Taelon Laskar – Complete Edition

  1. I think the book is successful in being the introduction of a whole series. The characters are introduced well. The story is plot out with the characters’ purpose and reasons as to where their journey is going.

    I have enjoyed the clean line art especially the architecture of the temples that really suits their respected elemental art. My favorite is the wordings though. It has made the story clear and on point.

    Taelon acts obsessed with improvements and defeating powerful villains. Without knowing his age, I thought he’s the common overpowered main character and a prodigy to boot but he’s actually in his 30s and that his frustrations are only because of the hard work he has put through. I am quite curious about the one who can see the future seeing as it’s not only Taelon that is special. I am rooting for Shelton as well. I hope we can see the fruits of his hard work soon.

    The story is quite short so I am excited for elaborated battles like that of Taelon and the Archmage, more character development, more emotional investment, and more powerful villains!

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